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Please List AFRICA TV on your african channels Schedule.The URL is(www.africatv.info)
AFRICA TV is the first Pan african news Television Platform I have never seen before. Why don't you affiliate AFRICA TV for us to suscribe from you in US?

akua owusu

plzzz show spanglish again


A pleasant experience is ahead: don't pass it by.

Semion Dowl

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ı Love you african tv .

new balance

A mother is not a person to lean on but a person to make leaning unnecessary.Do you understand?

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In order for the US to advance to the second round they needed to win todays game but Ghana kicked their hopes through the net!!

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Life find its wealth by the claims of the world, and its worth by the claims of love


another worthless ulnsacsy video shes exposing her vay jay and her voice is less than average another stupid female trying to make up for the lack of talent come on, african music should be better and classier than that FAIL


i have to same problem ..too my skin look un-tone oily i want a even tone skin i can never find the right eukmap for ..me .its soo hard being a african american with dark skin,,,i can't find the right products to make my skin look beatifull .i look weird in the sun my face shine its sooo ugly it makes me hate being a african american,,,,i've try everything but nothing works i want to be a batifull dark skin girl .who love being me

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I wish Ghana a great success ahead.


i wish i could give you this book i have from college on the prceiiplns of economics lol. google search economic report on ghana. you will find many websites that have articles related to scarcity and the opportunity cost in ghana and africaReferences :


No wonder all hip hop artetsis perform with live bands but when they come to GHana, they just mime. If he aint performing live on stage, it's better you play his songs and watch his youtube videos. yawa!


Nice video, showing very rillaestic the life there. I am moving to Accra with my family this summer for 18 months. looking forward to have them experience this nice place as well. I have been there last year for a month and it was amazing.


most contriversal match in the world cup both teams pleayd great i remember i cried when my team was gone i was really looking forward to seeing them become the first african nation to get into the semi final and there such a young team too then i cheered when the netherlands eliminated uruguay!


It's so sad that many black people, and other geelinnuy oppressed people, think they share a struggle with weak, corrupt, ruling-class, white perverts. Homosexuality binds the ruling classes of the world, especially whites and Arabs, it's the true conspiracy behind all the great conspiracies like the Scottish rite. How you compare 400 years of this shit (Pryor) to the hurt feelings of effeminate, entitled, middle-class homosexuals is beyond me.

nike shose

No wonder all hip hop artetsis perform with live bands but when they come to GHana, they just mime. If he aint performing live on stage, it's better you play his songs and watch his youtube videos. yawa!

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