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The focus should always be on things in their entirety and not on one in particular

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i want to send my greets to my following people first to my girlfriend Alice ,and my obs and ogs


the only skuul in Ghana as every body knows is the opoku ware school paorlpuly known as OWASS . is the only school that has gone to the finals of the national science and maths quiz severally than any other school in Ghana.and the only school that has produced most of the brightest students in ghana.also the best school in the entire west africa.as for sports everybody in the ashanti region can testify that the opoku ware school is the best in terms of sports so it is not only academics that we are best. so what do they expect again to put the opoku ware school in the first place .our wassce results is always among the best in the country .all hail the opoku ware schoolA K A T A K Y I E

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Those are really great words. "If by dancing here, we create a brighter future for those in Uganda, then we will keep on dancing." Great!!!


Why not publicize? Many poelpe read Ugblogs, but without the publicity, how will they know about the awards?Antipop, do you know how many poelpe voted in last year's awards? Dee and Jackfruity can provide the exact figures. It was a paltry number; far fewer than the number of hits I get on my blog everyday.Perhaps you are not interested in the growth of blogging in Uganda. Perhaps you are not interested in highlighting the work of bloggers, many including yourself Antipop, who do a good job.The Ugbloggers I know are funny, insightful, controversial, intelligent and yes, some are plain silly but someone out there needs to know about them. The awards are a good opportunity to spread the word. The awards are a great opportunity.No, Antipop, I won't be asking you to write a piece on the awards, so you can relax. I'll ask the person sitting next to you.Erique, there are numerous ways we can improve publicity. In the blogsphere you increase knowledge about your page through one main route linkage! Link, link, link! Link with twitter. Link with blogger. Link with facebook. Link with Node Six. Link with Afrigator. Link. We also know that some respected' radio DJs are regular blog readers. Some even have their own blogs. A mention or two won't hurt. It may even expose us to a greater number of Ugbloggers in the WWW.I disagree with you Ivan about the awards being recognition of bloggers by bloggers. How on earth can that be achieved given that the Ugbloggers on your blogroll (or on Node Six) are not representative of even half the Ugbloggers on the WWW who have no idea what's going on? C'mon poelpe. We can do better than have the Ugblogs turned into a chest-thumping session for the Mateos gang. (I love the Mateos gang for real sometimes).tumwijuke's last blog post..


That is great news! I am living in Thailand and here the panemyt has been getting a lot SLOWER over the last year or so. I can only receive panemyt via check and it used to get here before the 5th of the month - now it is around the 10th and nearly every time the check gets to my mailbox on Fridays (after 4 pm - and the bank closes at 4.30), if the Friday is on the say 6th of the month - then it comes the 6th, if the Friday is on the 11th - it arrives o0n the 11th!I assume this is the issuing bank (Citibank S.A.) and not Google that is the cause of this. Another thing is that up until last year, the time the check used to clear was like 5 days - now it is 10 days - so combine these factors - I am now not receiving the money in my account before the 20th of the month, where it used to be before the 10th up until last year.So a Western Union or wire solution in Thailand would be highly appreciated!


This is great! I live in Nigeria and here the payment has been SLOW. You work for a month and gets the money flnaliy in your account 26 days after payment is made due to the arrival of check, clearing in Bank and again the Bank charge 10 dollars out of the earnings also the courier fee is there too, GOOGLE PAYMENT TEAM PLEASE, INCLUDE NIGERIA IN THE WESTERN UNION QUICK CASH OR EFT SO THAT WE CAN GET PAID ON TIME LIKE OTHER PUBLISHERS who get paid 2 days after PAYMENT IS MADE. THANKS GOOGLE, YOU ARE THE BEST ADS COMPANY IN THE WHOLE WORLD.


Truly, Nigeria has very large number of pusbhliers, or could have the largest numbers of Google Adsense Publishers in Africa. Google will be most appreciated and celebrated for good and posterity by well meaning Nigerians online when included in the Western Union Payment. In fact, it will be like a saving grace to many of us.We indeed love Google and Adsense program and will always remain grateful for this great opportunity.

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This is interesting event, wish I could let my son enroll in this company.

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Why not publicize? Many poelpe read Ugblogs, but without the publicity, how will they know about the awards?Antipop, do you know how many poelpe voted in last year's awards? Dee and Jackfruity can provide the exact

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uitstekende dien, baie informatief. Ek redeneer waarom die ander spesialiste van hierdie sektor nie hierdie kennisgewing. Jy moet voortgaan om jou skryf. Ek is vol vertroue, jy het 'n groot lesers se basis reeds!


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