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That Is one great thing they have done.
You have no idea how long I have waited to here good morning Zimbabwe on air. A good Six years that is one damn long time. Thank you.


When is are these stations going live because l have been waiting for ages and nothing is live on the net yet?????

Jenami Richard

This is wonderful to be able to watch and listern to Zim channels from this far end of the world.
Just waiting for the final launch.
Vienna, Austria

Simon Docker

What's going on with Jump TV and ZBC? No ZBCTV for months now and they are still advertising the Zim package. Customer service aren't answering the phone, and their site gives no customer updates.


i love to listern to my country" tv and radio stations

Simon Docker

Complete con been off air since October, yet Jump TV still advertise and charge for this service.

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Plaxcedes Chiwire

we are still waiting for the package on zbc radio and ztv

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in fact everyone is a labor of all radio and tv channels are working for people


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Thanks for the information!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anna Mari

This is good news. I like listening to musik. I think that the people of Zimbabwe are very happy too. My opinion is such that it is better to listen to online radio (Internet radio).

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I am new to listening to radio via the internet but it's great stuff. Where does a person find the time to listen to all the good programs? We need more time in our day.

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I just love living in this day and age of all the great technology.

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Great job folks...hang in there.

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